Your Partner In Payments

Your Partner In Payments

Beanstream’s Partner Program welcomes two different types of partners: Referral Partners, and Integrated Partners.

Referral Partners are partners who refer sub-merchants to process payments with Beanstream.

Integrated Partners are a little bit more complicated. Integrated Partners can integrate exclusively with Beanstream or integrate with many payment processors.

For example, CampBrain creates software tools for camp administrators. They have integrated exclusively with Beanstream. Any camp administrator that buys their solution will use Beanstream for their gateway and, potentially, for their merchant account.

Shopify has integrated with over 70 different gateways globally, including Beanstream. This allows their customers to select the gateway of their choosing.

SaaS companies need to decide which integration is right for them. Whichever integration they pick, integrating with Beanstream has many benefits.

First and foremost, Beanstream partners have custom commission options.This allows them to earn monthly revenue on transaction and processing fees. Adding an additional revenue stream is never a bad idea for your business!

Second, all of Beanstream’s solutions are scalable. The partner has complete control over how heavily they want to integrate. With Beanstream’s dedicated Developer Portal, partners can find RESTful APIs and code samples in all the leading languages.

By building out a payment solution within your SaaS business, your software becomes more comprehensive. This, in turn, makes it more attractive to your customer. We understand that payment processing can seem overwhelming, which is why seamlessly integrating our solution into your SaaS reduces complexity for your customers.

Your customers may be a brand new merchant or they could be seasoned vets. Some may have merchant accounts while others won’t know what a merchant account is. This is why integrating with a Bank Neutral Gateway, like Beantsream’s, is critical.

By integrating with a gateway that is bank-neutral, you can welcome customers with their own merchant account and those that don’t have one. Your customers won’t have to choose between your solution and their merchant account, which reduces onboarding drop-offs!

Beanstream has facilitated over 8,000 successful integrations. Beanstream is Your Partner In Payments, let’s get to work!
Nicole Stright

Nicole Stright

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Nicole Stright