Which Integration Is Right For You?

Did you know there are choices when selecting what payment form to integrate into your website? The way a payment form appears on a website can drastically influence the conversion rate, so this decision isn’t a small one. To help, we are breaking down the three most common payment form integrations available.


An embedded payment form is when the payment fields appear within your web page. They do not pop-out or direct you to another page; rather they lie natively within your website.

ex) WestJet Embedded Payment Form

WestJet payment form


  • They do not disrupt the buyer’s journey
  • They can be fully customizable within your site


  • Security can be an issue. You want to look for embedded forms that are SAQ-A compliant. This will ensure that none of the customer’s payment information touches your server, removing that risk.
  • Developer may be required in order to style the embedded fields in similar CSS as your website
  • May not be responsive across devices


An overlay payment form appears as a pop-up after someone clicks on the buy button. Beanstream recently released an overlay payment option called PayForm. Try it out!


  • Easy to integrate
  • Easy to customize
  • Keeps the payment information off your server


  • May not be responsive or mobile friendly, PayForm is!
  • A slight disruption in the buyer’s journey


A hosted payment form is when the form is hosted on the payment processor’s server. Merchants link the “buy now” button to a customized form that is hosted and controlled by the payment processor.


  • Easy to integrate
  • Keeps payment information off your server


  • Re-directs people off your website, potentially disrupting the buyer’s journey
  • Limited customization

Payment forms have the ability to make or break your buyer’s journey. Embedded, Overlay, and Hosted forms all have their pros and cons. Although an embedded form may convert better, you may be more comfortable with a hosted solution. No matter which one you pick, always keep security top of mind. Looking for some more help? Follow our Payment Form Best Practices.

We also recently launched two new payment solutions, an embedded and an overlay option. Also, keep on the lookout this year as we round-out our suite of payment forms by re-releasing our hosted payment form! Beanstream is Your Partner In PaymentsⓇ, ensuring you have a great payment form.

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Nicole Stright

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