Web Read Friday – October 3rd

Web Read Friday

Welcome back to our latest edition of Web Read Fridays. Enjoy!

Mastercard heads to Japan for contactless payments lab

MasterCard is establishing a laboratory for mobile handsets at FIME’s Japanese site, testing its compliance and interoperability with the EMVCo Contactless approval process.

Shellshock makes Heartbleed look insignificant

An overview on how Shellshock is infecting the internet.
* Beanstream systems are not affected by Shellshock vulnerability

Will mobile payments on wearable devices be the next big thing?

Learn what four essential qualities have to be present for wearable payment technologies to be the next big thing.

Microsoft’s Windows 10: What’s new and how to get the preview bits

Microsoft will open up its first public preview build of the next version of Windows client on October 1. Here’s what you need to know about Windows 10.

The pros and cons of iPhone 6 Plus ownership

After a week of using the iPhone 6 Plus, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes explains where it excels and falls flat, and the changes he’d like to see Apple make.

3 Simple Powerful Reasons Google+ is Good for Your Business

Google+ is a new face of social media and is the key and core to Google’s web strategy and business. When it was announced almost everyone said “not another social network“, but 12 months later it has rapidly increased in popularity and has now passed 250 million registered users.

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