Understanding Tokenization

Beanstream’s tokenization service encrypts every piece of confidential payment data your customer supplies and stores it on our PCI-Level 1 certified servers. Confidential payment data such as credit card number and address are all encrypted into a single token that is used whenever your customer makes a repeat purchase.

Here is how it works:

  1. Jack is shopping for a new axe on your website. He finds a cherry red one and can’t help himself; he adds it to his shopping cart.

  2. He is ready to check out. He clicks checkout and is directed to a payment form where he enters all of his billing information.

  3. Once he submits the form, his information is sent to Beanstream through Secure Socket Layer and triggers an automatic creation of a new profile which is stored on Beanstream’s PCI-Level 1 servers.

  4. A token is created in conjunction with the profile. Beanstream sends the token back to you, the merchant. You won’t be able to unencrypt it, no one will. Which means if you have a data breach all of your customer’s data cannot be deciphered, keeping it safe and secure.

  5. Jack now decides that he needs some additional blades. He comes back to your website and fills up his shopping cart. Upon checkout, you pass the token associated with his profile to Beanstream.

  6. Beanstream then matches the token to the profile on our PCI-Level 1 servers and passes the billing information to the financial institution to process the payment. This all happens in real time.

Tokens are great because they mitigate risks associated with storing credit card numbers. If you have a data breach, they continue to protect your customer’s data.

Merchants who use recurring billing or batch processing can keep their customers data protected through tokenization. Merchants with a large customer base, repeat customers or those in need of significant security scope should all consider adding tokenization to their payment arsenal.

Keep your beans protected with tokenization.
Nicole Stright

Nicole Stright

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Nicole Stright