We are excited to announce the release of the sproutPOS EMV Software Development Kit (SDK)!

Do you have a mobile app that runs on Android or iOS? Enable your app users to accept Visa, MasterCard, and Interac cards in-person, anywhere their business takes them.

With Beanstream’s sproutPOS EMV SDK, you can super-charge your mobile application making it an integrated payment solution.

Beanstream’s EMV SDK allows you to:

  • Integrate the sproutPOS EMV SDK in as little as a day
  • Save 2,200 person hours of EMV certification effort
  • Process Visa, MasterCard, Interac, AMEX and Apple Pay
  • Easily integrate & test with a built-in simulator
  • Save money on credit and debit card processing using physical payment terminal (over card not present in-app purchases)
  • Provide secure P2P encryption that is fully PCI compliant with no extra compliance overhead for your app

Integrating payments directly into your app provides a seamless payment journey for your users. You won’t have to redirect people to another application or interrupt the payment flow process. Offering a payment solution integrated with your application provides functionality that matters to your customers:

  • A native payment flow triggered from your app’s user interface (UI)
  • Automatically push payment amounts to the payment terminal without having to re-key in the purchase amount, eliminating potential user error
  • The ability to auto-reconcile the payments processed with the terminal against transactions logged in your application

As the application developer, your partnership with Beanstream opens up new revenue opportunities by providing a flexible commission plan off your app user’s processing volumes.

For more information, visit our Developer Portal. Beanstream is Your Partner In Payments®, providing you with the tools that matter.

Nicole Stright

Nicole Stright

Nicole is our coffee dependent content specialist. With a quick-witted way with words, she could make you enjoy reading an instruction manual. She was born American, raised Canadian and has lived briefly in Poland. A quintessential west coastian she can be found running the seawall, practicing savasana in yoga or enjoying an over-hopped I.P.A. Nicole is responsible for all of the bean puns as well as creating compelling copy driven by analytics that converts. She strives to simplify the complicated and wants readers to easily understand the often convoluted industry of payments.
Nicole Stright