Picking Beanstream

Picking A Payment Provider Part 2: Picking Beanstream

When you start thinking about how your business, software, or e-commerce site is going to start accepting payments, you do what any other rational person does: You Google it.

The problem is you find yourself falling down the rabbit hole without much guidance. Now why should you land on Beanstream?

Well, Beanstream has been around since 2000, the very beginning of e-commerce. We are no dinosaur though, we offer the most comprehensive and robust selection of payment, risk and authentication services within the industry. Want more? Beanstream offers:

Blended Rates
Keep it simple with Beanstream’s Blended Rate. Don’t juggle multiple fees for each card association, rather have some peace in mind knowing you pay a flat fee.

No Contracts
With no fixed term contracts and data portability, you are as free as a bird to come and go as you please. But why would you even leave in the first place, with no monthly minimums, amazing support, flexible settlement and transparent pricing?

No Paper Applications
No need to print out paper applications, with our online automated onboarding you can sign up in minutes.

A Human Touch
We know there is nothing worse than having an issue come up and being put on hold. Or even worse, never being able to even speak with a human. With Beanstream, every merchant and partner has access to our multi-lingual customer support, which is reachable through email, live chat or telephone 24/7.

PCI Compliance
All companies that process, store or transmit credit card information must maintain a secure environment. This includes all merchants, vendors, or software providers who handle credit card information. Beanstream is PCI Level 1 (the highest level) certified service provider keeping your transactional data iron-clad secure.

Bambora Group
Did you hear? We were recently acquired by the world’s largest payments startup, Bambora. With a mission to innovate and disrupt the payments industry, you can expect big things. Beanstream continues to innovate and provide payment types that help merchants succeed. Big or small, merchants can feel confident in picking Beanstream.

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Nicole Stright

Nicole Stright

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Nicole Stright