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Introducing the new way to take payments online using your computer or your mobile device. PayForm is Beanstream’s new all-in-one payment form that is easy to set-up and works on any sized screen.

PayForm was designed using a user experience-first approach with a focus on improving the customer checkout flow and increasing conversion rates.

PayForm has built-in:
  • Card validation
  • Expiry date checking
  • CVD/CVV (Card Validation Digit/Card Verification Value)
  • Field text formatting

It also allows the user to use browser-specific credit card number caching, such as Chrome’s autofill, to speed up the online checkout process.

The card data fields automatically detect what card type is being entered and will display the matching card brand image. This is shown to help conversions by reducing customer card entry mistakes and increasing customer’s confidence in the checkout experience.

Attention was paid to every detail of the flow to make it very easy for customers. The form will detect when a field has all of the data it needs and then automatically switches focus to the next field, thus allowing the customer to never have to leave the keyboard. This makes checkouts on mobile devices a breeze.

Beanstream has taken on the burden of PCI compliance by leveraging our Legato tokenization library. When the user hits the Pay button their card data is automatically, and securely, tokenized on our servers. Your server can then perform a one-time purchase, or turn the token into a Secure Payment Profile for making future, repeat payments.

PayForm is also being launched with its more customizable cousin: PayFields. If you are looking to fully customize your payment form then this is the solution for you!

By indicating specific fields on your web form for where you want the credit card information to live, PayFields will inject the card entry fields into those locations. This allows you to be fully PCI-v3 compliant as well as having a smooth checkout process that is fully branded to your site.

Both products are easy to integrate, with only a few lines of Javascript code you will be up and running in minutes. They are lightweight and don’t pull in any large 3rd-party library dependencies, keeping your code clean and the page loads quick.

PayForm and PayFields are launching in April, so stay tuned. If you would like early access to try them out, then head on over to the PayForm page and sign up. We will start opening early access within the next couple of weeks.
Nicole Stright

Nicole Stright

Nicole is our coffee dependent content specialist. With a quick-witted way with words, she could make you enjoy reading an instruction manual. She was born American, raised Canadian and has lived briefly in Poland. A quintessential west coastian she can be found running the seawall, practicing savasana in yoga or enjoying an over-hopped I.P.A. Nicole is responsible for all of the bean puns as well as creating compelling copy driven by analytics that converts. She strives to simplify the complicated and wants readers to easily understand the often convoluted industry of payments.
Nicole Stright