Secure Socket Layer

What Is A Secure Socket Layer?

Even if you can’t explain what it is, most people are familiar with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). On the surface, SSL is the little lock you see on the url line, or the “s” that appears sometimes in the https://. Behind the scenes, SSL is an encrypted link between a server (eg. Beanstream) and a […]

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Fee Breakdown

If you process debit or credit card payments, you pay interchange fees. Have you ever wondered how this fee is determined and what exactly you are paying for? This week, we thought we would explain the breakdown of Beanstream’s interchange fees for card not present transactions in Canada. The fees we are breaking down today […]

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Settlement – Payments Explained

A lot happens between when a customer pays for a product or service and the money is deposited into the business owner’s account. No one likes waiting for money to be added to their bank account, but have you ever wondered how it happens? Settlement is how funds transfer from the customer to the business […]

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Which Integration Is Right For You?

Did you know there are choices when selecting what payment form to integrate into your website? The way a payment form appears on a website can drastically influence the conversion rate, so this decision isn’t a small one. To help, we are breaking down the three most common payment form integrations available. Embedded An embedded […]

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Payment Form Best Practices

In 2014 the average online conversion rate was only 3%. Here at Beanstream, we know that conversion rate is too low. While payment forms are only one piece of the conversion puzzle, they are a critical one. Payment forms have the ability to redefine your conversion rate. In a recent report of Formstack customers, those […]

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PayForm & PayFields

Introducing PayForm and PayFields

We are announcing the launch of PayForm and PayFields to our developer community. The payment form is the most important step in the online sales flow. It is where you get paid. Your customer has navigated as far as your payment form, but the form’s design will be a determining factor in whether the sale is completed.

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Basic Fraud Tools To Keep Your Business Safe

The best way to protect your business against fraudulent charges and chargebacks is by being proactive at checkout. By validating information upfront, before payment, you can save yourself a lot of time and money. Lucky for you, Beanstream offers an array of simple yet powerful fraud tools. As a Beanstream merchant, these tools are available […]

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Beanstream Expands In The US

We have been in the payments industry a long time, the better part of 15 years. Through this time, we have conquered Canada, sprouted in the United Kingdom and sprung up a few years ago in the US. We are now excited to announce that we are further expanding our portfolio of services into the […]

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Your Guide To A Secure Password

How secure is your financial data online? Unsurprisingly, passwords are a weak link in the online security chain. Online accounts are only as secure as the passwords that protect them, but many of us have misconceptions of what constitutes a secure password. A password should be a secret Your password ceases to be a secret […]

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sproutLight – Heavenly Crepes

We will be featuring a new sproutPOS merchant in our monthly “sproutLight”, helping to raise awareness of some wonderful small businesses and the growing sproutPOS community. To kick off the series we reached out to Fardeen Khodabacchas of Heavenly Crepes. Tell us about your business? Heavenly Crepes does authentic French-style crepes. I was trained by […]

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