integrating payments into software

What You Need To Know Before Integrating Payments into Software

Are you looking to integrate a payment solution? By integrating payments within your software it becomes more comprehensive. Which, in turn, makes it more attractive to your existing and prospective customers. However, payments probably aren’t your forte. So what do you need to figure out before integrating payments into your software? Do you want to […]

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The Seven Sins of Payments

Just as the human heart is subject to the seven sins, so too is industry. The payments industry is no exception, so here are some things you should watch for before choosing your payment provider. Gluttony – Excess of Abbreviations EMV, PCI, EFT, ACH, iCMP are just a few examples of how the payments industry […]

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PayForm iOS

PayForm iOS Beta

Looking to accept payments in-app? We are currently building out the latest addition to our payment toolkit – PayForm iOS. PayForm iOS is currently in beta, and we are actively looking to recruit a select group of users. With this SDK you will not only be able to take payments in your iOS app, but […]

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BIN 2 is Coming, Are You Ready?

You may have heard rumblings around MasterCard issuing cards with a new bank identification number (BIN), or BIN 2. What is all the fuss about? MasterCard is growing exponentially and to support the growth they are developing initiatives that will allow them to handle the increased volume of transactions. Currently, all of MasterCard’s cards are […]

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Android sproutPOS app update

Android sproutPOS App Update

Beanstream’s sproutPOS continues to grow, with thousands of customers using sproutPOS to accept payments anywhere. With 33% of our sproutPOS customers using Android, we are excited to announce the latest update to the Android app, sproutPOS 3.0, launched this week. With the latest release, the Android app becomes universal – the same app will work […]

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Foreign Currency Solutions

E-commerce is a beautiful thing that allows you to reach global markets from the comfort and control of your laptop. The top ten e-commerce markets spent over 1.3 trillion online in 2015, and many merchants want to increase their revenues by expanding into these thriving markets. While adding an additional revenue stream is never a […]

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Secure Socket Layer

What Is A Secure Socket Layer?

Even if you can’t explain what it is, most people are familiar with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). On the surface, SSL is the little lock you see on the url line, or the “s” that appears sometimes in the https://. Behind the scenes, SSL is an encrypted link between a server (eg. Beanstream) and a […]

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Fee Breakdown

If you process debit or credit card payments, you pay interchange fees. Have you ever wondered how this fee is determined and what exactly you are paying for? This week, we thought we would explain the breakdown of Beanstream’s interchange fees for card not present transactions in Canada. The fees we are breaking down today […]

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Settlement – Payments Explained

A lot happens between when a customer pays for a product or service and the money is deposited into the business owner’s account. No one likes waiting for money to be added to their bank account, but have you ever wondered how it happens? Settlement is how funds transfer from the customer to the business […]

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