Trick or Treat of Payments

The ‘Trick or Treat’ of Payments

Ghost and goblins and ghouls – oh my! Halloween is upon us, and with that, there are frights around every corner. Before you look away, we wanted to unmask some misconceptions of the payments industry. What are the tricks, what are the treats? How can you tell the difference? Tricks on Tricks No payment company […]

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The Value of a Marketplace

The online marketplace has continued to be digitally disruptive. Across industries, consumers are flocking to marketplaces such as the App Store, Zapier, and Etsy, to find and buy goods and services – and why wouldn’t they. Instead of having to weed through page after page on a search engine, they can find a good or […]

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New Onboarding Screens!

This year, we focused on efforts to not only support our partners but to simplify payments for our merchants. We started the year of launching our Onboarding API, and we are closing it with the launch of our Hosted Screens. Now, merchants will now be able to sign up for a Beanstream account faster than […]

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Picking a Payment Provider

New Partner E-Book: How To Pick A Payment Provider

Payments is a complex industry, and sometimes just trying to understand the flow of a transaction can seem overwhelming. With too many acronyms and industry jargon, many people are lost in translation. Businesses looking to integrate payments are no exception. When a software or solution, such as a shopping cart or registration software, start their […]

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What is Interchange Plus

What is Interchange Plus?

Interchange Plus, or IC+, is an alternative pricing model for merchant accounts, traditionally preferred by those with higher processing volume. Payment providers, such as Beanstream, are charged an interchange fee by the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX) for every transaction processed. This interchange is set by the card brand, and every payment provider pays […]

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Launch and Learn

Launch and Learn Recap

Yesterday we attended VIATEC‘s Launch and Learn event to learn what everyone in our town has been working on, and we are seriously impressed. Victoria’s tech community is alive and thriving, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it. For those of you who didn’t attend Launch and Learn, we have […]

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NFC Explained

Near Field Communication (NFC) Explained

Near Field Communication, or NFC for short, has swept across the payments industry over the last few years. There is no arguing that contactless communication, such as MasterCard’s PayPass is on the rise. In fact, in 2016 consumers will spend a total of $620 billion USD on all forms of mobile transactions globally. This is […]

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integrating payments into software

What You Need To Know Before Integrating Payments into Software

Are you looking to integrate a payment solution? By integrating payments within your software it becomes more comprehensive. Which, in turn, makes it more attractive to your existing and prospective customers. However, payments probably aren’t your forte. So what do you need to figure out before integrating payments into your software? Do you want to […]

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The Seven Sins of Payments

Just as the human heart is subject to the seven sins, so too is industry. The payments industry is no exception, so here are some things you should watch for before choosing your payment provider. Gluttony – Excess of Abbreviations EMV, PCI, EFT, ACH, iCMP are just a few examples of how the payments industry […]

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PayForm iOS

PayForm iOS Beta

Looking to accept payments in-app? We are currently building out the latest addition to our payment toolkit – PayForm iOS. PayForm iOS is currently in beta, and we are actively looking to recruit a select group of users. With this SDK you will not only be able to take payments in your iOS app, but […]

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