Beanstream Releases A New Onboarding API

We couldn’t be any more excited to announce the end to paper applications with the new Onboarding Application Programming Interface (API)! As a Beanstream partner, you will now be able to control the entire onboarding experience for your customers.

The onboarding process is a critical phase in your customer acquisition strategy. The shift towards all-things-digital has caused paper applications to become a thing of the past. By replacing your paper-based application with a touchless, online workflow, you will be able to onboard more merchants than ever before.

Bye-Bye Paper Applications

With the Onboarding API, you will be in complete control. You can offer a seamless online application process from start to finish, with your branding staying consistent throughout. Your users will never be re-directed off your site or app, keeping them focused on completing their application. It will also close the gap on lengthy approval delays by communicating with Beanstream’s platform in real-time for application statuses and merchant account creation.

The Onboarding API was built to simplify the enrolment process. The flexibility of the API allows you to capture existing user information from your system. This means your users won’t have to reenter information that you already know about them.

You can also gain insight into impactful analytics that captures real-time application responses, approval counts, and the ability to view your performance over specific date ranges. You will also be able to view into application states, to see where exactly people are dropping off, if at all!

How do I get started?

With very little development time needed, you can easily integrate the Onboarding API into your mobile or e-commerce application. Get up and running in a matter of hours, not days or weeks.

  1. Learn more about the service including accessing the technical documentation at

  2. Contact your Beanstream relationship manager, or if you are new to Beanstream, our friendly sales team will be happy to get to know you and quickly establish your payments needs. Please give us call a at 1.888.472.2072.

  3. Let us create your custom merchant account packages and provide you with the API keys and test environment to begin integrating and testing your new onboarding service!

Beanstream is proud to be Your Partner In Payments®, providing you with the payment tools that matter most.

Nicole Stright

Nicole Stright

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Nicole Stright