Living up to their names: Collins Harper

IMG_5731 Before there was Collins Harper, there was Genius Media; however, Genius Media was deemed too immodest for the new e-commerce development studio and within a year they had changed their name to Collins Harper. Now, eight years later, the genius is unmistakable.

The story behind the names

The Collins Harper name is based on the last names of its founding partners Sean Collins and Shane Harper. The name rings familiar with most people due to the famous publishing house with the same name in reverse order.

The partnership was meant to be.  While managing the IT department of another organization, Shane was desperate to fill a new IT position with exactly the right person. After rounds of disappointing interviews, in walked Sean.  The fit was immediately clear and it was the start of a powerful relationship.

“They could have named their company Yin and Yang,” says Jeff Yard, the Head of Business Development, who has known both partners for years.

Shane started as an entrepreneur at the tender age of fourteen, when he hired a driver so that he could provide networking solutions for companies throughout southern California.  Shane’s determination is obvious to all.  This paired with his energy and technical abilities has created an unstoppable combination.  “Shane’s caffeinated without coffee 24/7” says Jeff. “Shane types so rapidly and aggressively that you’re sure he’s going to break his keyboard.”  In the technology sector, Shane is well known for solving the twenty percent of problems that no-one else can.

In contrast, Sean is more reserved and has the ability to communicate minute details with incredible clarity to people who are less technologically adept.   Sean “has the patience, perspective, and planning ability to ensure great long-term results,” says Jeff. “Together they’re unstoppable, and for those lucky enough to work with them, it’s an incredible learning opportunity.”

The school of hard knocks

Shane and Sean worked on a variety of platforms before becoming focused on Magento five years ago.

“I thought they were nuts to be trying so many different things,” says Jeff, “But they persevered, learned, and then focused on the Magento platform before most people knew it existed.”

There is no stopping genius. By specializing in Magento, and by providing solutions for highly technical Magento backend problems few others can solve, Collins Harper has built a great reputation within the market. Collins Harper regularly provides support to rescue failed projects, and turn complex development disasters into streamlined Magento e-commerce solutions.

“They’re exceptional in keeping products updated and tested,” says Ryan Stewart, the Product Manager at Beanstream. For Beanstream, Collins Harper has produced top-of-the-line modules to support Credit Card Processing, Secure Payment Processing and INTERAC Online services for the Magento-based community.

Details drive the big picture

Thinking outside of the box is all fine and well, but Collins Harper also excels at digging through the complex details, to bring clarity to each challenging project.

In spite of the rainy grey winters of Vancouver, Collins Harper has built a very sunny future, with its industry leading team of developers situated in historic Gastown near the top of the famous “sun tower”.

Find out more about Collins Harper at their website and through the Code Garden.



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