Launch and Learn

Launch and Learn Recap

Yesterday we attended VIATEC‘s Launch and Learn event to learn what everyone in our town has been working on, and we are seriously impressed. Victoria’s tech community is alive and thriving, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

For those of you who didn’t attend Launch and Learn, we have a quick recap below of each presentation.

Agog Labs (SkookumScript)
The new mad scientists around town told us about their new Victoria headquarters! Conan Reis, co-founder, CEO of Agog Labs told us about SkookumScript, a programming language and tool suite that transforms video game production. With plans of expansion and video game code world domination, we are excited to welcome them into town.

Mighty Oaks
Chris Westra was excited to share a new business that had spun out of Mighty Oaks, Omnion. Omnion provides always-on smart locker technologies and networks, a logistic management platform. We are excited to sell all that Omnion has in store.

Co-founder Charles Lavigne delighted the crowd with EasyAnatomy, an interactive, 3D canine anatomy study guide. LlamaZoo is bringing innovation to an industry with 100-year-old textbooks in a unique way. Congratulations on launching EasyAnatomy!

Yup, we were there to present too! Ryan Stewart, Head of Product for North America, spoke about how payments typically have a huge bottleneck when onboarding merchants for integrated partners. Seeing an opportunity to support our partners we developed a new online onboarding experience, no more paper applications! To hear Ryan’s presentation check out our first Periscope.

Kirk Stinchcombe of Econics was there to talk about Waterworth, a new way for municipalities to manage water rates with a highly informative and intuitive storytelling dashboard. Having just made his eleventh sale, it is safe to say the floodgates have opened.

Robot Shark Gaming
Last but not least was Richard Gibson, founder and developer of Robot Shark Gaming. He hit a homerun when telling the crowd about SportsBid, a combination of fantasy sports, sports betting, and poker!

It was amazing to see some of Victoria’s top companies come together to celebrate new innovate launches across industries. Congratulations to the five other companies who presented!

Nicole Stright

Nicole Stright

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Nicole Stright