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Calling all Java developers!

Are you a fan of open source software? Would you like to contribute to an open source project and make some money doing it? Beanstream is looking for you!

We have a robust RESTful API for processing payments, creating payment profiles, and running reports on payments. It is fairly straightforward to use, however you still have to do a little bit of legwork to get up and running: opening connections, building JSON, and authenticating. To simplify the setup process we want to create a series of SDKs that will handle all of that for you.

Our hope is that by you helping us to develop and release an SDK, we will not only release an SDK that meets your needs but that you will become an active participant in guiding the software that works before for your projects. To make our goal a reality, we will open-source the SDKs and offer bounties for implementing various aspects of the Beanstream APIs. If you think you have the tech savvy skills and want to make a pretty penny, let us know!

We have created a C# .NET SDK [already] that will be used as the reference implementation for the Java SDK, but this is just the start. We want to create SDKs in other languages too: Ruby, PHP, Python, NodeJS etc.

If you are interested in programming in these languages, let us know and we can get you involved in those projects when they come available!

The signup page lists the bounty’s details: the task, deliverables, and $1,500 in rewards! You can select which ones you are interested in and review how much coding will be involved. Most tasks are reasonably small and would take at most one day to complete. If you think of a feature that should be added to the bounty list and isn’t there, tell us and we might just add it and give you its bounty.

If you are interested in participating in the Java SDK challenge, visit the signup page [signup page] and fill in your information. We are looking for several developers of all skill levels to contribute so don’t hesitate. And if you haven’t contributed to open source projects before, don’t worry! We will get you started and help you through the whole process.

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Brent Owens

Brent Owens

Brent is our open source software enthusiast and developer advocate. When he is not commuting between Nanaimo and Victoria, he can be found in front of a monitor, working on open source projects. With a software background in enterprise systems and architecture, geographic information systems, emergency management systems, video game engines, and payments he can confuse the best of us with developer jargon. When he wants a break from the blue light, he can be spotted hiking, surfing or fishing with a six-pack of his home-brewed craft beer.
Brent Owens