The Java Bounty Challenge is Complete!

The Java Bounty Challenge has come to a close and we are ecstatic with the results.

Through the hard work of the development team, Beanstream is now able to offer Java SDK code to be used to create payments, report on transaction history, and create secure payment profiles. It provides a secure and robust method for integrating with Beanstream’s payment gateway and is free for anyone to use. You can download it from GitHub here:

The SDK is released under the MIT license; if you want to make changes to the code, patch it, or fork it, feel free to do so. We want you to have the best tools at your fingertips so we are letting the community direct where it goes.

This isn’t all for the Java SDK, it’s going to be constantly evolving and improving. As more features come online we will head out to the community and launch more code bounties. If you have features you would like added feel free to send us an email to You can also reach out the developers who created the SDK for any contract work integrating the SDK into your system or adding new features to the SDK.

We would like to thank these amazing developers who created the SDK. With their hard work the Java SDK is now ready for the masses:

  • Pedro Garcia
  • Michael Sanchez
  • Chris Tihor
  • James Chen
  • Zsolt Szallár

Visit our Contributor Page for more information on the Java SDK developers.

Thank you again to everyone who submitted applications and keep your eyes peeled for future code bounties.

We are currently hosting the PHP Code Bounty challenge. Join the challenge here. Our upcoming bounties will be Ruby, Python, and NodeJS. For updates on when these projects will launch their bounties follow us on Twitter @BeanstreamDev.

Marie Anik Paradis

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