Basic Fraud Tools To Keep Your Business Safe

The best way to protect your business against fraudulent charges and chargebacks is by being proactive at checkout. By validating information upfront, before payment, you can save yourself a lot of time and money. Lucky for you, Beanstream offers an array of simple yet powerful fraud tools.

As a Beanstream merchant, these tools are available to you, free of charge. The key is to integrate them natively so you don’t disrupt the customer experience. The more a customer feels disrupted, the less likely they will end up following through with the checkout.

Simple Yet Powerful Tools

Address Verification Services will match the billing address provided to the address on record with the credit card company. If they don’t match, the purchase is declined.

3D Secure is an additional security layer which authenticates a cardholder’s identity at the time of purchase. The cardholder is redirected to a payment form hosted by Visa or SecureCode, where they are prompted to enter a password. Don’t worry, if they do not have a 3D Secure account, they will still be able to make a payment from your website.

Card Verification Values (CVV) will confirm the customer has the physical card by matching the CVV code (3-4 digit number on a credit card, often found on signature line) to what is on record with the credit card company. Card Verification Values is one of the best ways to protect you during card-not-present payments as it confirms the user has the card.

We also offer many advanced solutions for merchants who are wanting an additional level of security.

Always Secure

Being protected at checkout is a great way to prevent fraudulent charges and chargebacks, but it is just one point in the payment journey. For after the checkout, Beanstream offers tokenization for any customer payment or personal information. This will keep data off your internal server, keeping it safe from possible data breaches.

Beanstream is PCI-Level 1 compliant, which guarantees that we adhere to the highest level of security possible within the payments industry. We are your partner in payments, securing your payments and keeping you protected.

p.s. Want an easy way to validate customer information at checkout? Stay tuned next week for some exciting news.
Nicole Stright

Nicole Stright

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Nicole Stright