Picking a Payment Provider

New Partner E-Book: How To Pick A Payment Provider

Payments is a complex industry, and sometimes just trying to understand the flow of a transaction can seem overwhelming. With too many acronyms and industry jargon, many people are lost in translation.

Businesses looking to integrate payments are no exception. When a software or solution, such as a shopping cart or registration software, start their journey into the world of payments, it can seem like everything turned upside down.

Which is why we created a new e-book to help businesses pick a payment provider, tailored to those looking for an integrated solution to offer their customers.

Merchants, don’t worry – we have an e-book coming your way. In the meantime, check out our Payments Explained blog series.

This e-book is great for those just starting their journey. It will help you on your quest to the perfect partner, by outlining ways they can help your business with awareness, acquisition, growth, and churn. Plus, it has a handy-dandy checklist to keep you on track.

Click here to find out How to Select a Payment Provider.

Nicole Stright

Nicole Stright

Nicole is our coffee dependent content specialist. With a quick-witted way with words, she could make you enjoy reading an instruction manual. She was born American, raised Canadian and has lived briefly in Poland. A quintessential west coastian she can be found running the seawall, practicing savasana in yoga or enjoying an over-hopped I.P.A. Nicole is responsible for all of the bean puns as well as creating compelling copy driven by analytics that converts. She strives to simplify the complicated and wants readers to easily understand the often convoluted industry of payments.
Nicole Stright