3 Payment Resolutions to Keep In 2017

It is January 19th, which means some of your best intended New Year’s resolutions may have already fallen by the wayside. Even though it’s not New Year’s Day, we want our readers to take a new resolution. A resolution to make payments a priority for your business. Most businesses think about payments only when they […]

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Trick or Treat of Payments

The ‘Trick or Treat’ of Payments

Ghost and goblins and ghouls – oh my! Halloween is upon us, and with that, there are frights around every corner. Before you look away, we wanted to unmask some misconceptions of the payments industry. What are the tricks, what are the treats? How can you tell the difference? Tricks on Tricks No payment company […]

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The Value of a Marketplace

The online marketplace has continued to be digitally disruptive. Across industries, consumers are flocking to marketplaces such as the App Store, Zapier, and Etsy, to find and buy goods and services – and why wouldn’t they. Instead of having to weed through page after page on a search engine, they can find a good or […]

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BIN 2 is Coming, Are You Ready?

You may have heard rumblings around MasterCard issuing cards with a new bank identification number (BIN), or BIN 2. What is all the fuss about? MasterCard is growing exponentially and to support the growth they are developing initiatives that will allow them to handle the increased volume of transactions. Currently, all of MasterCard’s cards are […]

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Which Integration Is Right For You?

Did you know there are choices when selecting what payment form to integrate into your website? The way a payment form appears on a website can drastically influence the conversion rate, so this decision isn’t a small one. To help, we are breaking down the three most common payment form integrations available. Embedded An embedded […]

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Payment Form Best Practices

In 2014 the average online conversion rate was only 3%. Here at Beanstream, we know that conversion rate is too low. While payment forms are only one piece of the conversion puzzle, they are a critical one. Payment forms have the ability to redefine your conversion rate. In a recent report of Formstack customers, those […]

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Your Guide To A Secure Password

How secure is your financial data online? Unsurprisingly, passwords are a weak link in the online security chain. Online accounts are only as secure as the passwords that protect them, but many of us have misconceptions of what constitutes a secure password. A password should be a secret Your password ceases to be a secret […]

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sproutLight – Heavenly Crepes

We will be featuring a new sproutPOS merchant in our monthly “sproutLight”, helping to raise awareness of some wonderful small businesses and the growing sproutPOS community. To kick off the series we reached out to Fardeen Khodabacchas of Heavenly Crepes. Tell us about your business? Heavenly Crepes does authentic French-style crepes. I was trained by […]

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Choosing A Payment Gateway

Choosing a payment gateway can be intimidating. Most people have little experience with the payments industry when selecting their first gateway. Here is what you need to know before choosing a payment gateway. First things first. What is a payment gateway? A payment gateway connects your customer’s bank or card brand to your merchant account […]

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