integrating payments into software

What You Need To Know Before Integrating Payments into Software

Are you looking to integrate a payment solution? By integrating payments within your software it becomes more comprehensive. Which, in turn, makes it more attractive to your existing and prospective customers. However, payments probably aren’t your forte. So what do you need to figure out before integrating payments into your software? Do you want to […]

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PayForm iOS

PayForm iOS Beta

Looking to accept payments in-app? We are currently building out the latest addition to our payment toolkit – PayForm iOS. PayForm iOS is currently in beta, and we are actively looking to recruit a select group of users. With this SDK you will not only be able to take payments in your iOS app, but […]

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BIN 2 is Coming, Are You Ready?

You may have heard rumblings around MasterCard issuing cards with a new bank identification number (BIN), or BIN 2. What is all the fuss about? MasterCard is growing exponentially and to support the growth they are developing initiatives that will allow them to handle the increased volume of transactions. Currently, all of MasterCard’s cards are […]

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Payment Form Best Practices

In 2014 the average online conversion rate was only 3%. Here at Beanstream, we know that conversion rate is too low. While payment forms are only one piece of the conversion puzzle, they are a critical one. Payment forms have the ability to redefine your conversion rate. In a recent report of Formstack customers, those […]

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PayForm & PayFields

Introducing PayForm and PayFields

We are announcing the launch of PayForm and PayFields to our developer community. The payment form is the most important step in the online sales flow. It is where you get paid. Your customer has navigated as far as your payment form, but the form’s design will be a determining factor in whether the sale is completed.

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Your Guide To A Secure Password

How secure is your financial data online? Unsurprisingly, passwords are a weak link in the online security chain. Online accounts are only as secure as the passwords that protect them, but many of us have misconceptions of what constitutes a secure password. A password should be a secret Your password ceases to be a secret […]

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Beanstream Releases A New Onboarding API

We couldn’t be any more excited to announce the end to paper applications with the new Onboarding Application Programming Interface (API)! As a Beanstream partner, you will now be able to control the entire onboarding experience for your customers. The onboarding process is a critical phase in your customer acquisition strategy. The shift towards all-things-digital […]

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We are excited to announce the release of the sproutPOS EMV Software Development Kit (SDK)! Do you have a mobile app that runs on Android or iOS? Enable your app users to accept Visa, MasterCard, and Interac cards in-person, anywhere their business takes them. With Beanstream’s sproutPOS EMV SDK, you can super-charge your mobile application […]

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