Black Friday – By The Numbers

American Thanksgiving is this week, which for the rest of the world means one thing. Black Friday.

To some, Black Friday is the start of Christmas shopping where they battle it out in stores to get the best discounts. To others, it is so terrifying that they refuse to leave the house.

No matter which side you land on, Black Friday has cemented itself in the retail industry for being one of the biggest earning days of the year.

In preparation for the most commercial holiday of them all, we want to share with you Black Friday – By the Numbers.

Year over Year

In 2015, shoppers spent a staggering $70,492,000,000.


By Device

For those who have an online store, desktop continues to lead in online sales, with smartphones coming in second. Ensure that your online store and payment form is responsive to capitalize fully.

Black Friday Online Sales by Device | Fundivo
Provided by: Fundivo

For 2017, we may see the numbers reverse. Mobile commerce is supposed to grow 200% faster than e-commerce in 2017. Beanstream already has two native in-app payment tools for both Android and iOS, to help you prepare for Black Friday 2017.

Main Blockers on Online Conversions

While a good payment form can only help you at the end of their checkout, there are a lot of blockers to watch out for on the way there. Having poor image quality and no customer support can severely impact your ability to convert shoppers.


What to Expect This Friday?

National Retail Federation expects 137.4 million Americans to shop online or hit stores over the four days, up from 135.8 million last year.

For all those who plan on getting the best deals, you will have another two million to compete with this year. We hope you stay safe and save!

Nicole Stright

Nicole Stright

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Nicole Stright