The Eleven Companies Acquired By Bambora

Did you hear? Beanstream was acquired in September 2015 by Bambora. Bambora, the world’s largest startup, is on a mission to simplify e-commerce. How? With the help of the best in the industry!

Bambora was founded in May of 2015 and is owned by Nordic Capital Fund VIII. Since its creation it has acquired 11 companies across the globe. These companies are the best in breed and embody the Bambora values. Don’t believe us? Check them out yourself:


KeyCorp is Australia’s largest independent multi-vendor, payments technology service provider. They handle payment terminals and technology, and a whole lot more. They manage more than 312,000 merchants and have over 725,000 multi-vendor assets in merchant retailer locations across Australia. Founded in 1982 they have offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

IP Payments provides online payment solutions for medium to enterprise sized organizations. They have over 3,500 clients across numerous industries. Founded in 2004, they have offices in Sydney and Auckland.


dsafe helps retailers to improve their businesses and build better relationships with their customers across channels. With over 6,000 merchants, they provide next generation data to drive retail decisions. Merchants can tune into shopping cart, store, and region analysis like never before while leveraging cross-channel loyalty programs. Founded in 2009, they are located in Trondheim, Norway,.

epay is one of the largest payment service providers in the Nordic region. They provide online payment solutions for both small and independent web shop owners, as well as large international companies. Established in 2001, they have offices in Aalborg and Norway.

Maksukaista is a payment service provider focused on electronic payment solutions. They are a one stop shop for accepting payments online. The developed their solutions across both web and mobile to enable the easiest payment across any device. Founded in 2012, they are based out of Finland.

DK Online provides payment solutions, plain and simple! Merchants can either buy or rent new payment terminals or point-of-sale solutions. With an office in Denmark, DK Online delivers first-class solutions that make it easier, simpler, and more flexible to do business.

Bank&Butik provides card terminals for all industries, solving the little pains like keeping track of paper rolls inventory. Situated in Gothenburg Sweden, Bank&Butik started in 1997.

European-based (Rebranded to Bambora)

Euroline was a well-established merchant acquirer, enabling both online and offline payments. They targeting business in the Airline, eCommerce, Local and Nordic Retail industries. Processing over 200 million transactions per year, totalling over 15 billion CAD. Located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Samport Payment Services AB provided various payment solutions and terminal products. They targeted the hotel and restaurant, transport, retail, field services, and healthcare industries. Located in Stockholm Sweden, they were founded in 2002.

Mobile Payments Solutions developed mobile payment solutions. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, they were founded in 2009.

Then there’s us! Beanstream helps businesses of every size receive and make payments quickly and securely. Beanstream services over 22,000 merchants and supports over 700 partners. Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Beanstream has processed over $12 billion in payments annually since 2000.

Together we are going to champion everyday commerce and revolutionize the payments industry. Just wait and see.
Nicole Stright

Nicole Stright

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Nicole Stright